Loan Payoff (via Tool)

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Loan Payoff


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This screen is accessed by using Tool 1235: Loan Payoff Estimator..

About this Feature

This feature a very powerful tool that gives you loan payoff information, either for the current date, or for any date in the future.  You calculate the payoff for 365-day calc loans, mortgages and credit card loans using this tool and configure CU*BASE to record a Tracker each time a payoff is estimated.   (Learn more using the feature with each type of loan using the previous links.)

This tool takes you to the same screens (linked to above) used by the payoff tool accessed in Phone Operator, but does not require Phone Operator access.  It can be assigned to MSRs or loan officers who just need to be able to produce payoff statements for members. All the loan payoff features, such as the printing of the correct loan payoff form (if configured) and calculation of finance charges, fines, and interest due (depending on the type of loan) will be included in the payoff calculation.

Using this Screen

Enter a membership number to access a second Select Loan for Payoff screen listing the loan accounts for that member. Enter a SSN/TIN to search for the account number associated.



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