Configuring Marketing Clubs

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Marketing Clubs Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #486: Marketing Club Configuration.

Introduction to the Feature

How does a credit union manage a group of members who share a bond beyond that which brought them to the credit union in the first place?  For example, do you manage member groups based on their age?  Their shared interests?  Their shared motivations?

Most often, these groups are handled by forming a “club.”  The term “club” implies some common link and special status beyond that of the entire membership.  Generally, it requires administration through mailings, raising funds through fees, and of course encouraging the member’s participation through a set of rewards.  The CU*BASE Marketing Club feature was designed to manage these styles of clubs. 

Using this Screen

This is the first of several screens used to create a Marketing Club and set up default parameters for all its members. 

You can only delete clubs that have no members attached to them.  There is no confirmation screen.


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