Abnormal Activity Monitoring - Setting Up Member Groups

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Configure Abnormal Activity Monitoring




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Access this screen by selecting Member Groups (compare members to norms for the group to access the first configuration screen.  A view-only version of this screen is also available by selecting View Configuration on Tool #537: Monitor Abnormal Transaction Activity.

Additional Resources

Abnormal Activity Monitoring Overview help topic

Using this Screen

This is the screen lists your member groups for Abnormal Activity Monitoring by Member Group.

Click Add Mbr Grouping (F6) set up additional Member Groups.

To view the tables and columns in which the information for these settings resides in CU*BASE, select the Data Source (F8) feature.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Member Group

A number that is automatically assigned by CU*BASE and represents the number of member groups set up for your credit union. If a member group is deleted, CU*BASE will reuse the old number, and the next member group created will be assigned that old number.


The name of the member group (name assigned by your credit union)

Membership Designation

The membership type (corporation, individual, trust, etc.)



Option Name



Allows you to edit the configuration settings of a member group


Allows you to delete a member group, including all underlying Origin Groups and transaction ranges.  A confirmation window will appear.


Allows you to copy the configuration settings of a member group


Allows you to view the configuration settings of a member group



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UMTAAC-01.htm