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Closing Disclosure


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Screen Overview

This is the eighth in a series of screens used to “capture” the data required to print on the Closing Disclosure. The data entered on this screen is printed in the Other Costs section on page 2 of the Closing Disclosure.

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Field Descriptions

Field Name


H. Other


Enter a description of additional costs required for this loan request. Depending upon your forms provider’s exact layout up to 4 additional items can be disclosed


Enter the amount of each additional cost  

I. Total Other Costs (Borrower-Paid)

Estimated Total Payoffs and Payments

Enter the estimated amount that will be used to payoff others with the proceeds from this loan.  This amount is rounded to the nearest dollar.

J. Total Closing Costs (Borrower-Paid)

Lender Credits

Enter the amount of credit that was received from the Lender. 

Estimated Closing Cost Financed

Enter the amount of closing costs that will be financed as part of this loan request.  This amount is rounded to the nearest dollar.

Closing Costs Above Legal Limit

Enter the amount of closing costs that are above the legal limit. Credit Unions are responsible for the calculation of this item.





Calculate Totals (F5)

Use this button to calculate total other costs and total closing costs

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