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Closing Disclosure


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Screen Overview

This is the eleventh in a series of screens used to “capture” the data required to print on the Closing Disclosure. The data entered on this screen is printed in the Loan Disclosure section on page 4 of the Closing Disclosure.

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Field Descriptions

Field Name


Loan Disclosures

Escrow account

Check the appropriate box for whether your loan will or will not have an escrow account

**  If no escrow is selected, select the reason why there will not be an escrow.
Property costs over year 1

Enter the amount of property costs for year 1. Enter in the appropriate column. Enter a descriptive name of each charge.

Escrow waiver fee

Enter the applicable fee if the escrow account is waived

Non-escrowed property costs over year 1

Enter the costs the consumer is likely to pay during the first year for charges that are not paid using the escrow account. Enter a description name of each charge.

Initial escrow payment Enter the amount of the initial escrow payment required
Monthly escrow payment   Enter the amount that will be required to be paid into the escrow account with each periodic payment

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