Configuring Laser Notices (Notice Form Event Layout)

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Notice Form Event Layout


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Access this screen by using Enter on the previous notice configuration screen.

Check out the video related to this topic: Configuring Delinquency Notice Layout (More videos below!)

For complete information about configuring and printing laser member notices, refer to the Member Notices: Configuring and Printing CU-Defined Laser Notices booklet.

This third and final screen is used to define which of the Notice Events should be printed as part of this form.  Use the Sequence column to enter a sequential number then enter the Event ID (text is case-sensitive) into the Event column.  Use Enter to confirm and display a description of the event.  Use Enter again when done to return to the initial form configuration screen.

The Sequence column will automatically renumber your entries in increments of 10. This feature makes it easy to insert new items and change the order in which events will print on the form.  For example, if your layout is set up as follows . . .



. . . on an unused line enter sequence 15 and the new event ID ATMDBT, then use Enter to resequence the items as follows:




To choose from a list of event codes, first enter a sequence number, then place the cursor in the Event field and click the lookup or use Display Event IDs (F12).  When the window appears, scroll to the desired item and use Enter or Select to choose that event and return to the layout screen.

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