Setting Up Overdraft Protection Accounts (2)

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Member Overdraft Protection Maintenance


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This second screen follows the first screen and shows all of the member's accounts and lists any overdraft protection accounts that have already been assigned. (If you are accessing this screen as part of opening a new checking account, the account you just opened will be highlighted.)

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Helpful Resources

Why did my member get charged a fee?

Screen Overview

Select the account that should be protected, and then select Change to proceed to the third screen.





Use this option to add another account to be used as overdraft protection.


Use this option to add additional accounts to be used as overdraft protection or change existing accounts used as overdraft protection.


Use this option to remove all accounts assigned for overdraft protection. A confirmation screen will appear; use Enter again to remove the protection.


Use this option to display additional details on overdraft protection accounts.

  • This option displays a “View” version of the final ODP maintenance screen. BE CAREFUL: It is possible to type a new account number while in the view only version of that screen, and when you use Enter, it will appear to have changed on the Overdraft Protection screen. However, once this screen is exited, the system will revert back to the original account number.

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