ATM/Debit Card Stock (2)

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ATM/Debit Card Stock


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Access this screen by selecting a BIN and using the Select option on the previous screen.

View a list of card stock available for the selected ATM or debit BIN.   

On this screen, you will view the Stock Code identifier (the plastic card stock code used with the plastics vendor—the physical plastic), a Description to help you identify the card stock, and the Stock Type.  

Stock Type selections include: Unknown (used for conversions) (0), Pre-printed generic card stock (1), pre-printed custom card stock (2), or pre-printed white stock (3).  This Stock Type selection will be shown as a number on all of the other screens.  Selections will show as follows:  Unknown (0), Pre-printed on custom stock (2), Pre-printed on generic stock (1), or Pre-printed on white stock (3).  Pre-printed on white stock must be selected when you select to print an image on the card stock.   (Learn more about card images on the card image configuration screen.)  

Select a card stock and the Select option to move to the detail of the ATM/debit card stock configuration detail.



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