Configuring Online Banking Features: Related Links

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Related Web Sites


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Access this screen by selecting "Helpful Links" from the Online Banking Configuration Options screen.

It's Me 247 online banking is quickly becoming your members' best financial service tool. With the configurable Related Sites feature, it can provide even more access to credit union-related services and financial management tools. This final screen is used to build URL links to which a member can navigate right from within online banking.

Some ideas for helpful links:

In online banking, a “Related Links” button will appear in online banking. When the member clicks this button, a new page will appear with all of your descriptive text, with a button beside each block of text on which the member can click to use the link.

IMPORTANT: This page will display even if you do not have any links set up. Therefore we recommend that you at least set up one link to your credit union's own website, to, and to your Consumer Education portal.

When done here, use Update (F5) to save your changes and return to the Home Page. Or use the backup arrow to return to the previous screen.


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