Accrue Interest for 360 Loans

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Accrue Interest for 360 Loans



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Access this screen by selecting Tool # 107: Accrue Interest for 360 Loans.

 This screen is used to process the interest accrual for the selected Settlement Calculation Routine and Company Code (if applicable). Check the box if you would like to print the Participation Loan Accrued Interest Report.

Select a Settlement calculation and Company Code (if applicable) to enter the second screen.

After using Save/Continue, if a window displays with a message “Monthly investor reporting file has not been created”, then you must create a reporting file via the “Create Monthly Gov Investor File” feature.  Refer to the appropriate booklet below for more detail on the monthly reporting steps for each investors.

For complete details on the PL system, including configuring the necessary codes, creating participation loan records, processing investor settlement and using various reports, refer to the appropriate booklet.


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