Account Suffix Configuration (2)

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Account Number Configuration


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Access this second screen by choosing Type on the previous screen and pressing Enter.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to add a new account suffix.

Learn how to change an account suffix description.

Screen Overview

On this second screen, start by entering a range of account suffixes. Press Enter before completing any of the other fields. If this range is already in use, the settings for the range will be filled into the remaining fields and can be modified if necessary. If the range has not already been used, the remaining fields will be blank and the list at the bottom of the screen will move to display the range closest to it.

Complete the remaining fields on the screen and use Enter again to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

BE CAREFUL: Once a range has been defined, it cannot be deleted. You can change the range to use different settings but you will not be able to remove items from the list completely.

CU*TIP: To scroll through the list of existing suffix records, use the page down arrow.  When the bottom of the list is reached, use the page down arrow again and you will be returned to the top of the list again.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Account Type

Enter a range of 3-digit account suffixes (000-999). Be sure to use Enter once to pull up any existing records before completing the remaining fields on the screen.

Application Type

Enter one of the following to define the product type for which the suffix range will apply:

SH Share/savings products

SD Share draft/checking products

IR IRA share products

CD Certificate products (including IRA CDs)

TX Tax/escrow share products

LN Closed-end loan products

OC Open-end loan products

This is informational only; it is not verified when assigning the range to a new product.


This description will be used for reports, member inquiry/phone inquiry screens, member statements, online banking and other places where individual accounts are listed.

Receipt Desc.

This shorter description will be used only when printing teller receipts.




Suspend (F4)

This feature is not currently used.

New Maintenance (F6)

Use this to return to the initial screen.



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