Certificate Product Configuration - Payment / Transfer Codes (2)

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Certificate of Deposit Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting a payment transfer code on the previous screen.

This is the second screen used to set up the dividend payment frequency codes that are attached to CD Applications. Complete all fields and use Enter to save and return to the previous screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



Enter a description of the payment/transfer code.

Length Days

Enter the term represented by this code, in days or months (cannot use both). As a rule, it is usually easier and clearer to the member to state the term in months rather than days.

The setting for this code should be consistent with the term used on any CD Types that use this frequency. For example, it would not be consistent to use a frequency code set up for 30 days and then set up the term on the CD as 1 month.




Suspend (F4)

Use this to temporarily suspend this code so that it cannot be assigned to new CD Applications. This will not affect existing accounts.

Skip (F8)

Use this to exit the screen without saving anything.

Delete (F16)

Use this to completely delete this Payment/Transfer code.

·     BE CAREFUL! There will be no confirmation for this feature. If CD Applications have been set up to use this code, deleting it will cause problems in daily processing. This should be used only when the code was created by mistake and has not yet been tied to any CD Applications. If it is deleted accidentally, simply recreate it immediately.

Checklist (F18)

Use this to move to the checklist for this dividend application. This will allow you to create a “checklist” with tasks that can be checked off when opening and closing the account. This checklist can be used by your Member Service team to ensure each member receives the same level of service. SEE ALSO: Creating Checklists for information on configuring this list.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#USCD-07.htm