Configuring SEG/Sponsor Codes (2)

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SEG/Sponsor Information Update


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Access this screen by entering a sponsor number on the entry screen.

This second screen is used to enter general information about the sponsor, including name, address, and contact information.

·        A sponsor can be any organization, company, department, or other avenue by which a person is eligible for membership in your credit union. For example, you may create a sponsor record such as “ABC Company” or “Accounting Department,” or even “Relative of Existing Member.”

When done, use Enter to update this sponsor and return to the previous screen.

·     To delete this sponsor, use Delete (F4). (This key can also be used if this sponsor number was added by mistake.) BE CAREFUL: There will be no confirmation.

·     To suspend this sponsor so that it does not appear in the inquiry list, use Suspend (F16). Return to this screen and use Enter to reactivate the sponsor.




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