Configuring SEG/Sponsor Codes (1)

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SEG/Sponsor Information Update


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #786: Security Code Configuration

The SEG/Sponsor Reference list feature is a CU*BASE marketing tool used in determining eligibility for new members. It can also provide valuable information to help determine where your credit union's member base comes from. Each time a new membership is created, a SEG/Sponsor number can be assigned to the member record. Later, the CU*BASE Report Builder can be used to analyze these records.

This is the first of several screens used to add a sponsor number, or to update or view information about current sponsor organizations.

Searching for an Existing Sponsor

To look up a sponsor number, click either the Search for Sponsor by Number button (F11) or the Search for Sponsor by Name button (F12). The SEG/Sponsor Group Inquiry screen will appear, and the items will be sorted either by number or alphabetically by name.



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