Creating or Modifying a Custom Report or Inquiry

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Build a Report


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #100: CU*BASE Report Builder (Query) (Shortcut: query).

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Screen Overview

This is the first screen used to create, modify or run custom reports and inquiries created using the CU*BASE Report Builder. This starting screen is used to choose the report name to be created or modified. Use the drop-down list to choose an Option (described below). Fill in both a Name and Location. Use Enter to proceed.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



Create (1) - Use this option to create a new custom report or inquiry.

Change (2) - Use this option to change an existing report configuration.

Copy (3)- Use this option to copy an existing report configuration, either by assigning a different name or copying to a different location.

Delete (4) - Use this option to delete a custom report you no longer need. One confirmation screen will appear.

Display (5) - This option will display the settings for an existing report, but will not allow any changes.

Print report definition (6) - Use this option to print the report configuration, showing all of the settings used in your report. This is helpful as a documentation of what files are included, the selection and sort settings, and any formatting you defined, in case you ever need to recreate the report or verify what settings were used to obtain the data.

Run in job queue (8) - This option will run the report using batch processing, which reduces the resource drain on the system. This is the recommended method for running a custom report that is set up to output to a printer.

Run (9) - This option will run a custom report interactively. Use this for reports that are set up to output to the screen (display) or a database file. This method is not generally recommended for printed reports.


Report Builder report names must begin with an alphabetic character, with a maximum of 10 characters in the name. Valid characters:

A through Z, 0 through 9, $, #, @, ., or _

  •  To see a list of names already used, click the lookup button 3 next to the Name field. A list will appear (this can take a few moments while the system searches for files). From that screen, the same options as are shown on this screen will appear for creating, editing, printing and running a report.


With only a few specific exceptions, all custom reports and inquiries you create using Report Builder should be stored in the following library (in place of the xx, substitute your credit union's two-character CUID):


 The system will automatically show the name of the library used the last time a custom report was created or modified.

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