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The query tool is very powerful and handling it incorrectly can lead to mistakes in accuracy and processing. Most significantly, incorrect joining (matching) data from multiple files, or incorrect filter settings can lead to significant errors. If you are a new user of query, please be extra vigilant about checking your work (preview the report) after each change you make and contact an expert at CU*Answers with your questions when needed.

The CU*BASE Report Builder can be used to create custom inquiries and reports that can be viewed, printed, or even saved as a database file ready for downloading. The CU*BASE Report Builder uses IBM Query as its engine, allowing you to manipulate data from any of your CU*BASE member tables (files), using any layout, calculation and formatting parameters you wish.

In addition to custom reports and inquiries, the CU*BASE also provides many pre-written inquiries designed to give you access to the most commonly-used CU*BASE files.

This section shows how to use the “Build a Custom Report or Inquiry” feature to work with the Report Builder to create your own custom reports and inquiries.

Report? Inquiry? Database Table (File)? Yes!

The terms “report,” “inquiry” and “database table (file)” will be used interchangeably throughout this section. This is because the same custom report can be set up to output three different ways:

All methods use the exact same parameters for formatting and content. The only difference is what comes out at the other end when you run the report! This means you can create a custom report for viewing on the screen, periodically print it out as a report, and occasionally place the data into a database file and download it to your favorite PC spreadsheet program, all using the same configuration.


Click below for a definition of these commonly-used terms:


Table (File)



Column (Field)


IMPORTANT: The information in this section has been consolidated from the IBM Query/400 User's Guide for use with the CU*BASE system. Instructions are geared specifically toward using Query to obtain needed information from the CU*BASE database. For more advanced information, ask a CU*BASE client service representative or use the F1 key on any of the Report Builder screens. Query/400 is an IBM licensed program.


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