Copying an Existing Custom Report

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Copy a Report


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This screen will appear when you select "Copy" (3) on the first Report Builder screen.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to copy a canned Query.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to make a copy of an existing custom report, and place the copy either in the same location, or in a different location.

This feature is helpful if you wish to make changes to a custom report definition, but do not wish to accidentally lose your original settings. It can also be helpful if you wish to modify a custom report that another person has created, without altering the original.

Enter a location and/or new report name. When ready, use Enter to make the copy and return to the previous screen.

CU*TIP: As a safety precaution, choose No in the Replace existing report with same name field. That way you are forced to enter a new name if the location for the original and new copy are the same, or if you accidentally enter a name that is already used by a different report.




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