Configuring System Frequency Codes (1) (AFT/CFT Codes)

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Enter/Update Automatic Transfer Frequency Codes


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #165: Auto Transfer Frequency Configuration.

This is the first of two screens used to configure frequency values that are used by the Auto Funds Transfer (AFT) and Check Funds Transfer (CFT) systems, such as “Weekly” or “Monthly” or other commonly-used periods of time. You can also specify which of the codes will be available to members when setting up automated transfers in online banking (if allowed).

Enter any alphabetic character (A-Z) and use Enter to proceed to the second screen.

To delete a code, use Delete. A code can be deleted only if there are NO existing AFT / CFT records that use this code. (A code can be suspended from the next screen.)

AFT Frequency Codes vs. Loan and Dividend Payment Frequency Codes

Share and CD dividend postings, configurable service charges, and loan payment frequencies do NOT use the frequency values defined here. Those systems use a separate standard configuration which cannot be customized by the credit union and cannot be changed by the credit union.  Learn more about loan payment frequency codes.

AFT/CFT Frequency Codes

AFT/CFT codes can be changed and include the following:



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