Configure Reward Points Redemption Catalog

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Configure Reward Points Redemption Catalog


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Access this screen by pressing Enter from the previous Configure Reward Points Program screen.

This screen is used to set up a catalog of products and services for which Reward Points (previously called lifetime points) can be redeemed, such as special rates for savings, certificates and loan products, credit union merchandise, or anything else that will reward members for their long-term participation with the credit union.  This same screen will also appear when redeeming points, to let you choose an item from the catalog to be redeemed.

To add a new item to the catalog, use Add New (F6).  Or select an existing item in the list and use Change.

Before any catalog items can be created, you must create at least one group code.  Use Work with Groups (F10) to set up categories that are used to group similar types of products and services together.


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