Configure Reward Points Program

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Configure Reward Points Program


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Access this screen by selecting "Configure Reward Points Program" from the Tiered Service Level Maintenance screen.

This screen lets you decide whether or not you will automatically accumulate Reward Points for all members that are scored by Tiered Services.  You might want to deactivate this flag if:

Otherwise the flag should be checked and all members will accumulate Reward Points every time Tiered Service scoring is done.

This screen also allows you to expire Reward Points after a configured number of months (1-98).  Use 99 if you never want your points to expire.  Points expire on the first of the month after the expiration date, during beginning-of-month processing. 

Finally this screen is used to define the text that will appear within the Reward Points statement, either when it is part of the standard statement or when it is a separate stand-alone statement.  The Statement title is used at the top of the printed statement and should reflect the term you use for this marketing program.  The Introduction/Marketing Message can be up to four lines long and can include any details you wish to explain the statement or promote the program and its benefits. 

When done, use Enter to continue to the next screen where you can set up your Reward Points Redemption Catalog.



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