ARU Branch Location & Hours Message

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Branch Location and Hours Message


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Access this screen by selecting Save Go to Hours (F5) on the entry screen.

IMPORTANT: This screen is used only for credit unions that have activated text-to-speech IVR features. The text-to-speech option automatically reads the greeting and credit union hours/locations messages from these configuration screens, rather than playing separate pre-recorded messages. Contact a CSR if you wish to convert to the text-to-speech method for CU*TALK audio response.

This is the second of two screens used to configure the greeting and CU location and hours messages that are read to callers using the CU*TALK Audio Response system. (This screen appears after you use Save/Go to Hours (F5) from the previous greeting configuration screen.)

This second screen contains text that will be read to the caller if they choose the “Other Credit Union Services” option (6) from the main CU*TALK menu, then choose the “Credit Union Locations and Hours” option (6). You can enter any information you wish about your credit union's branch locations and hours (including information about where to find this information on your website if you want!).

The screen will automatically wrap to a new line as you enter text.  Remember, though, that the ARU system will just read the text as one long string, regardless of where you put line breaks, and you might need to add additional spaces to keep words from running together.

When done entering text, press Enter to save and return to the Home Page.

Tips for Entering Text

Enter the text exactly as you wish it to be read by the text-to-speech engine. Avoid abbreviations; spell out all words completely and correctly, including normal sentence punctuation.

Remember that a computer program will be reading the words you enter, not a live person. Keep in mind that computers are very literal and can't use judgment like a person can! If you enter CU, the computer will read out “see you” not “credit union,” for example.

NOTE: Any time you make a change to your configuration, you should immediately call CU*TALK and listen to the message to see how the speech engine interpreted what you entered. In cases where an unusual word cannot be spelled in such as a way as to sound the way you want, a CSR can assist you in arranging for special translation instructions to be set up for the speech engine.




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