ARU Greeting and CU Locations

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IVR Phone Greeting for Credit Union


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Access this screen by selecting Tool # 852: Text-to-Speech ARU Greeting/Locations.

This is the first of two screens used to configure the greeting and CU location and hours messages that are read to callers using the CU*TALK Audio Response system.

This first screen is used for the greeting that callers will hear first when they dial your audio response phone number. Enter the text exactly as you wish it to be read by the text-to-speech engine. Avoid abbreviations; spell out all words completely and correctly, including normal sentence punctuation. (Remember that a computer will be reading from this configuration screen, not a person!)

Tips on entering text such as proper nouns, symbols, times, addresses and abbreviations.

Special instructions on entering text in the Greeting text box.


The screen will automatically wrap to a new line as you enter text. Remember, though, that the ARU system will just read the text as one long string, regardless of where you put line breaks, and you might need to add additional spaces to keep words from running together.

When done, use Save/Go to Hours (F5) to save and proceed to the second screen.



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