CU*BASE Query: Mobile Text Banking Statistics

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Learn how to view text banking usage stats and complete other tasks related to Query.


Interested in statistics on your members’ Mobile Text Banking usage?  Find information on specific accounts, times of service, and grand totals using Tool #569: Text Banking Detail Stats (MOBMBRSTS).

For more details about Mobile Text Banking, refer to the Mobile Text Banking booklet.


File(s) used by this Query: “Mobile Member Statistics” - MOBMBRSTS

Access: Tool #569: Text Banking Detail Stats (MOBMBRSTS)

On the entry selection screen change the date range to your selected range and press Enter to view a listing of your member activity. 

The Query results are broken down by “SMS” (two-way texts, such as when the member texts “BAL” and receives a response) and “TXT” (one-way text alerts, when the member receives a balance e-Alert as a text message).  There are total count figures for the “SMS” and “TXT” sections, as well as a Grand Total count at the bottom of the results. 

Click here for complete instructions on navigating around the “Display Report” screen or using the available buttons.



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