Displaying a Custom Report as an Online Inquiry

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Display Report


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If creating a new custom report using the CU*BASE Report Builder, this screen will be displayed after clicking the Preview Report button (or pressing F5), or after running a report that has been defined to output to the display.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to navigate reports and complete tasks related to statements/reports.

Screen Overview

For the “canned” Queries, this screen appears after entering selection criteria on the Choose Records screen.

This screen shows the entire report, including column headings and formatting, totals and sub-totals, and all the individual data records. Use Page Up and Page Down keys (or click the blue arrows) to move up and down. Click the Move Left and Move Right buttons to scroll to the right or left to see additional columns.

CU*TIP: For a wide report, try using the Split feature (F21) to split the screen vertically. Any text to the left of the split line will stay stationary when shifting the screen to the right. First, click the mouse on the report at the point where you want the split to be. (You must click in the white area where the records show, not in the blue header area.) Then use Split (F21) to split the screen vertically at that point. (Use Split again to remove the split.)

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Position to line

Enter the line number (use the numbers in the first column as a guide) and use Enter to shift the screen up or down to a specific line in the report.

Shift to column

Enter a column number (use the numbers on the “Line” row as a guide, adding a zero to end of the number) and use Enter to shift the screen left or right to a specific column.

  • For example, if you wish to shift to a field below the “6,” enter 60 and use Enter.




Backup arrow (F3)

Use this to exit the report.

Enter - forward arrow (F12)

Use this to exit the Query report and return to the previous screen used to specify Query conditions.

Move Left (F19)

Use this to shift the screen one full screen width to the left.

Move Right (F20)

Use this to shift the screen one full screen width to the right.

Split (F21)

This option is no longer in use.

Show Width 80/Show Width 132 (F22)

This will toggle back and forth between an 80-character and a 132-character screen display.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#QRYRP132g.htm