Printing the Report: Headers & Footers

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Page Headings and Footings


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Screen Overview

This screen lets you define text to appear at the top and bottom of every part of the report. The standard headings include date, time, and page number. You can choose to print these, then add additional text using the Page heading and Page footing fields. If you wish, you can omit the standard page headings and use special codes to print the date, time and/or page number exactly where you want them to appear within your custom page heading and footings. Type the following code wherever you want this custom text to appear:

&date To insert the date on which the report was printed.

&time To insert the time at which the report was printed.

&page To insert the page number.

After this screen is completed, use Enter to save.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Print standard page headings

Choose Yes if you wish the system to print the date and time at the top left and the page number at the top right of every page of the printed report.

Page heading

Use these lines to enter any text you wish to print at the top of each page of the report.

· If you are also printing standard page headings, both the standard information and your text will print, so you may need to adjust your heading text in order for everything to fit properly.

Page footing

Use this line to enter any text you wish to print at the bottom of each page of the report.

· HINT: This is a good place to put the name and location the report definition, and any other details that help identify the report for later reference, especially if you are not printing a cover page.

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