Formatting Report Columns

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CU*BASE Report Builder (Query)

Specify Report Column Formatting


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This screen appears when you choose the “Format columns” option on the Report Builder Main Menu.

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Screen Details

This screen is used to enter headings and spacing for the columns on the final report. This screen is very helpful for producing a report that is easy to read and understand. This screen is also used to control the format of the numeric data that will appear on the report. For example, you can control how dates, dollar amounts or percentages appear.

Enter column headings and make adjustments to spacing as needed (see “Field Descriptions” below for important details on using these fields).

To format numeric fields, click the Change button next to the desired field. (This button, which is the same as F16-Edit, will appear only on numeric fields.)

When done, use Enter to save all changes.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Field Name

This column shows the field names which were selected to appear in your report.

Column Spacing

The number of extra spaces which will be left in front of this column on the final report. Generally there are no extra spaces in front of the first column, with 2 spaces in front of all other columns. To make the report easier to read, you may adjust this spacing as needed.

  • HINT: Click the Display sample of column formats button (or F13) periodically to see a sample of the final result.

Column Heading

Enter a heading to appear at the top of the column of data. You may use up to three lines for each heading. If no column headings are specified, the system will use the field name as the heading.

  • IMPORTANT: The width of the column will be determined by the length of the actual field data, or by the length of the column heading entered in this field, whichever is longer. To avoid an excessively wide report, abbreviate headings or use multiple lines.


The length of the data in the field, as determined by the field specification. It is generally recommended that this length not be changed.


The total number of decimal digits (if any), as determined by the field specification. It is generally recommended that this length not be changed. A blank here indicates a text field.


An asterisk (*) will appear here for any column which has been formatted. Click here for details.

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