Business Date/Activity Date

On occasion a transaction will have a different activity date than the business date (the date your CU was processing on when the transaction hit).  For example, say it’s just before midnight on a Saturday night.  We’ve already finished end-of-day and beginning-of-day and your credit union’s processing date is now on Monday’s date.  A member goes into online banking and posts a transfer – the Activity date would be Saturday but the Business date would be Monday.  

Business Date

See above.  This is the Business Date in the TRANS file, previously known as Process Date or PRDATE.

Activity Date

See above. This is the Activity Date in the TRANS file, previously known as TRDATE or System Date.

Activity Time

The time the activity happened - see Activity Date above.  This is the Activity Time in the TRANS file, previously known as PRTIME.

Why would the Activity Date be different than the Business Date?

The Activity Date is usually the same date as the Business Date.  Where these dates can differ is when the activity happened over a weekend or a holiday (on a non-business date).  For example, an if a member schedules an AFT transfer to run on the Sunday before Labor Day, the Activity Date is Sunday and the Business Date is Tuesday.

Why is the Local Activity Date on a debit card signature transaction sometimes different than the Activity Date?

The “Local activity date”, which is found on the Recorded Card Activity screen, documents the date that the vendor receives the request for an ATM, debit, or credit card transaction.   This date is found in the ISO file.

The Activity Date documents the date that the transaction is received by CU*BASE from the vendor.  ATM and debit card PIN transactions will have the same date for “Local activity date” and “Activity Date”.   This is due to the fact that there is no delay in the transmission of the transaction from the vendor to CU*BASE.   In rare instances, these dates might be different for signature debit card transaction.   The difference in dates occurs when the hold for the approval of funds for a signature debit card transaction is delayed and the transmission to CU*BASE occurs on a following date. 


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