Create Report Automation Setting

These steps explain how to create a report automation setting.

  • For example, if you would like a report to automatically print each month on a certain day, then you would follow the instructions below.

  1. Access the report you would like to automate.

  2. On the screen that lists report options, select the desired report print settings (printer, etc.).

  3. Click Save Settings.

  4. In the Action drop-downon the Save Settings for Report Automation screen, choose Add/Edit.

  5. In the Description field, enter a new name for your new setting.

    • TIP: If you do not want the report to be automated, but are only savings your settings to retrieve them manually later on, then choose N/A in both the Period and Frequency columns then skip to Step 9.

  6. In the Period column, choose whether the report data should come from the same month as when the report is actually run, or the previous period.

    • For example, if you are running a report on the 10th of every month, when the report is run in March, do you want it to use March (current month) data or February (previous month) data?

  7. In the Frequency column choose how often you want the report to be generated.

    • Daily (every calendar day, including weekends)

    • Weekly (once a week on the same day)

    • Monthly (once a month on the same day each month)

    • N/A (use this if you aren’t automating the report at all)

  8. Depending on the frequency, an additional field may appear to refine the timing.

    • If you selected Weekly, enter the day of the week (Monday to Sunday)

    • If you selected Monthly, enter the day of the month

      1. For the last day of the month enter 31.

      2. If you would like the report to run twice during the month, create two automation records.

  9. Click the checkmark button to save your new settings.

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