Transfer Funds via Phone Operator

These steps explain how to use Phone Operator to transfer funds.

  • This transfer method is the only way to charge the member a transfer fee.

  • If an eReceipt appears after posting the transaction, have the member sign the signature pad. Then print and save the receipt.


1. Launch Phone Operator by clicking the phone icon at the top of your CU*BASE home screen.

2. Enter the member's account number.

3. Click the forward arrow.

You may need to click the forward arrow again to move past the Member Account Comments screen and any other pop-ups that may appear.

4. Select the sub-account from which you want to transfer funds.

5. Click Transfer.

6. On the Member Account Transfer screen, enter the transfer amount.  

7. If needed, change the to/from account.

8. If needed, select the appropriate IRA/HSA code.

9. If needed, change the default description, which appears on statements and in online banking.

10. Click the forward arrow to enter an optional secondary transaction description and to view additional information on the to/from accounts, such as balances and secondary names.

11. Click Verify Member to confirm the identity of the person transferring funds.

This is especially helpful if the member is not present to show identification.

12. After selecting this function key, the Verify Member pop-up will appear listing items such as a code word, mother’s maiden name, etc.

13. Click the forward arrow to exit the pop-up.

Confirm the information at the bottom of the screen is correct.

14. Click Post to post the transaction.

15. Click Post/Return to post the transaction and remain on the Member Account Transfer screen.

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Video!Watch a video showing you how to complete the steps above.