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A/P History Maintenance


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This screen will appear when you use A/P History Maint (F5) on the main Vendor Maintenance screen.

This screen is used to view and maintain the Accounts Payable transaction history for this vendor. The list at the bottom of the screen shows all of the invoices that have been paid to this vendor, with the most recent on the top.

While it is rare, there may be occasions where a history record must be modified or deleted. Examples:

To modify or delete an item, or to remove an item from the YTD totals for this vendor, either enter the Voucher/Check# and a Seq number at the top of the screen, OR select the desired check in the list and use Edit or View or use Enter to proceed to the detail screen.

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Field Descriptions

Field Name


Voucher/Check #

This column shows the check number (for paid invoices) or the voucher number (for invoices that have been selected for payment but no check has been cut; or for history items that have manually been marked “not paid” on the detail screen).

  • To locate a specific item quickly, use the search field at the top of this column to enter the voucher or check number, then use Enter to scroll to the first item which matches.

Seq #

This column shows the sequential number assigned to the invoice line item when it was created. If the invoice had several line items, the sequence number is used to keep each item separate.


The date on which the voucher record was created (when the invoice was selected for payment), or the date entered into the Check Date field when the invoices were selected for payment.

  • NOTE: When a check is printed it uses the date when the voucher record was created (or the Check Date defined when invoices were selected for payment), even if the check was printed at a later time.

Invoice/ACH Trace #

The invoice number entered when this item was created or the ACH Trace number on the item when the ACH posting is done.


The G/L account to which debit amounts were recorded for each item.

Debit Amount

The debit amount of the invoice.

Credit Amount

The credit amount (for discounts, return credits, etc.) on the invoice, if any.


A “V” will appear in this column for any items that have been marked unpaid (“voucher”) for this vendor.

This could be because an invoice was selected for payment but a check was not yet cut, or because the item was manually marked “not paid” on the detail screen.



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