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Electronic Check List


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This screen appears when you use Check List (F6) on the Loan Recap screen. It can also be accessed after a loan account is created using the Loan App File Verification screen.

This screen is used to track the progress of the loan application by way of an electronic “to do” list of tasks to be completed. As each task is done, it is marked “completed” with a date and employee ID. Because a unique checklist can be configured for each loan category, and the list can be accessed both before and after the loan is created, this system can prove invaluable in several situations:

To mark a task as completed, select the task and use Maintenance (F6).

Loan File Verification

If this screen is accessed after a loan account has been created, it can be used to work tasks that must be completed after the loan has been approved.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



The task number assigned to the task when it was configured.


A description of the loan application task.

Request Date

The date on which the loan application was created.

Completion Date

The date on which the task was completed.


The number of days between the Request Date and the Completion Date.


The employee ID of the person who marked the task as completed.




Print Checklist (F5)

Use this to print a hard copy of the check list.



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