Account Retention/Year Opened

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Account Retention/Year Opened


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #104: Account Retention by Year Opened.

Export and Common Bonds Using Selectable Data Points

Any data point that is selectable (differentiated by a button-like highlight, also note that when hovering over a clickable data point the cursor adjusts to allow selection) will allow you to select to either Export the data to a file, or to use Common Bonds to view additional data sets.

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The Account Retention (by Year Opened) dashboard allows you to view trends in data, this time based on the year the account was opened.  The filtering screen for this dashboard is extensive, allowing you to narrow your results to view specific dividend types, dividend applications, loan categories, CD types, membership designations, age when opened, and gender.

Totals and Averages at the bottom of the screen reflect totals for the years selected.  NOTE:  If the range is large enough in the "Years considered" field, all the data may not appear on the screen.  Totals are adjusted as individual years are selected for analysis.

The "Records analyzed" figure at the top of the screen indicates the number of accounts that were analyzed to give these results.   This indicates the number of records with valid open date information in the MEMBER (1-6) and ACHIST (1-6) files.  This screen's results is a breakdown of this information by year.

See also the Member Retention (by Year Opened) Dashboard for analysis on member retention.

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