Viewing and Printing a Loan Amortization

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Amortization Inquiry


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This screen will appear if "View/Print Amort" (F14) is used when creating a loan request or performing a loan quote.

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Screen Overview

This screen shows the amortization schedule calculated by the system for this loan request. While this can be helpful to give a basic idea of how principal and interest will be paid down over the life of the loan, it should not be misinterpreted as a strict guide. Variables such as the exact date and amount of payments, as well as factors such as payroll deduction and ACH transfers, can all affect the exact amounts shown on this schedule. It is important that this be communicated to members to avoid confusion later.

Use Print Amortization (F14) to print a hard copy of the amortization schedule. A screen will appear allowing you to select the printer you print to.  When done, use the backup arrow (F3) to return to the Loan Recap Screens (1 and 2).

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Total amount financed

The total amount of the loan.

Total finance charges

The total amount of interest to be paid over the life of the loan.

Total amount in payments

A total of the loan amount and the interest to be paid.

Total CDI premiums

The total amount to be paid in credit disability insurance premiums.

Total SCL premiums
Total SDP premiums

The total amount to be paid in single credit life insurance premiums (or single debt protection fees).

Total JCL premiums
Total JDP premiums

The total amount to be paid in joint credit life insurance premiums (or joint debt protection fees).

Payment #

A sequential number assigned to each payment.

Payment Date

The date on which the payment is to be made.

Payment Amount

The amount of each payment.

Payment Interest (Amount)

The amount of the payment to be applied to interest due.

Life Ins Premium

The amount of the payment to be applied to life insurance premiums (single or joint).

Disability (Premium)

The amount of the payment to be applied to disability insurance premiums.

Remaining Balance

The principal balance after the payment is made.

Interest Rate (%)

The interest rate to be charged on the loan. The figures shown in this column may change over time for variable and split-rate loans.

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