Data Source (Online Banking Activity Analysis)

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Primary Data Sources


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Access this screen by selecting Data Source (F19) on the Online Banking Activity Analysis (Tool #1750) screen, or any drilldown screen within the dashboard.  

The Data Sources (F19) screen displays the Tables (files) and Columns (fields) that are used to generate the data on the selected dashboard. This information is useful should database administrators prefer to further examine the data in Report Builder, or to generate a custom report. The screen lists the tables across the top of the chart, such as AUDICC in this particular dashboard example, and the specific fields used in generating the dashboard output, such as CCDATE and CCSESSID.

For more information on these tables and columns, use the Tool #332 Database Search Assistant to look up detailed information. Occasionally, some tables that generate dashboard data are located in CUBASEFILE, which are inaccessible within Report Builder. For assistance in understanding the different locations of data within CU*BASE, contact the Asterisk Intelligence team,


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