Analyze Common Bonds for a Group of Members

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Analyze Common Bonds for a Group of Members


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This screen appears when you select Tool #232: Common Bonds for Member Group (Shortcut: bonds).

The “Common Bonds” feature allows you to take the groups of members that you’ve gathered using a dashboard and analyze them based on what they have in common – what accounts they all have, what demographic characteristics they share, and even how their credit scores compare.

Previously only accessible from various other tools and dashboards, this standalone version can be used to analyze any file you choose.

NOTE: File must be located in your QUERYxx library and contain only account base numbers.


Common Bonds



Account Composition

What can you tell me about the accounts?  What are the sub-accounts that these members own, and what are the popular products within the group of members?

Membership Traits

What can you tell me about the members?  What characteristics at a membership level are consistent or inconsistent among the group?

Credit History Trends

What can you tell me about their credit score history and trending?  How do these members score on credit reports? Is this a group that has lower scores? Or do they have scores that are right in our sweet spot?

Tiered Service Analysis

How do they fall with Tiered Service goals?  How do these members compare/score compared to the rest of my membership?



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