Targeted Tiered Services Summary Analysis

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Targeted Tiered Scoring Analysis


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Access this screen after selecting your criteria on the previous screen and pressing Enter.

Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report


This dashboard reports results based scoring from the previous month, so data will not change throughout the current month. To see the other filters used by the dashboard, click Show Selects (F15) at the bottom of the screen.

On this view how members that fit your selected criteria on the previous screen compare to your general membership across Tiered Service levels.

Press Enter or use the Goal buttons at the bottom of the screen to move to screens showing data on the five goals for Tiered Services.  

You can click the lookup next to the tier name to “drill down” to a detail screen to see more data about the members in your selected group for the selected month.  If your credit union uses the household scoring method, click the lookup next to "Household Adj" to view a breakdown of members according to the scores assigned by household for the selected month.  If you drill down to the member level, this allows you to access the New/Closed Membership dashboard and New/Closed Accounts dashboard for more big data information on your selected members.



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