Targeted Tiered Score Analysis (entry)

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Targeted Tiered Score Analysis



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #840: Targeted Tiered Score Analysis.

Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report

How do specific types of members score and participate with the credit union compared to the rest of my membership? For example, how do 50-65-year- old males compare to the rest of my membership?  This dashboard reports results-based scoring from the previous month, so data will not change throughout the current month.  The date the data is based on is posted on the entry screen of this dashboard.

The targeted Tiered Services Analysis dashboard is similar to the Tiered Services Monthly Comparison except that it allows you to analyze the participation of a specific segment of your membership by Tiered Service scoring. Use this new dashboard to test out your ideas about who your “best members” really are!

Upon entry to the new dashboard, this screen will allow you to select your conditions to see members based on branch, membership designation, gender, credit score, and individual goals in Tiered Services (such as enrollment in e-Statements).

Press Enter to move to the Targeted Tiered Services Summary screen followed by the Targeted Tiered Services Goals screens for a side-by-side comparison of how your selected members scored on these goals against the statistics of your general membership.


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