Payment Catch-Up Calculator

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Payment Catch-up Calculator


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This window appears after clicking the blue button next to a credit card loan account suffix on the Teller Posting screen, or when using F11-Catch-up Calculator on the Delinquency Info window. You can also access this screen by the “Catch Up” action code available on the Phone Operator screen when a delinquent credit card exists for the member. It is also accessed via Catch Up Calc (F11) on the Credit Card Inquiry screen.

This window displays delinquency and other account information about a credit card loan account. It also lets you estimate the effect on the member's account if you were to deposit a certain payment amount.

Use the tabs at the top to see the current information about the account. The Catch Up Calculator tab includes account information, including the amount due as calculated by the system. The center of this tab shows each individual monthly payment that needs to be caught up, as well as the fines associated with delinquency.

Click the “Last Statement Information” tab to see information from the most recent statement the member received. Click the “Miscellaneous Account Information” tab to see current information about the account, including delinquency info and amount due as calculated by the system.

On the “Catch-up Calculator” tab, the list in the middle shows each individual monthly payment that needs to be caught up. Enter an amount into the Show payments that will be caught up... field and press Enter to perform the calculation. Any fine or payment that will be caught up will show as 0.00 in the Remaining column. Be sure to use Page Down to see additional payments, if the account is more than 3 months past due.

You can enter a different amount as many times as you like until the desired payments show as “caught up” (remaining amount = 0.00). When done, use F3-Backup to exit.



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