Inquiry: Search for Closed Members

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Search for Closed Members


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This screen will appear when you use "View Closed Members" (F13) on the initial Member Inquiry screen.

Check out the video related to this topic: Searching for Closed Accounts via Inquiry

This screen is the first of several used to perform an inquiry on a membership that has been closed. Enter the Account Base and a Sequence Number to indicate which closed membership you wish to view.

Use the Search Criteria fields to look for a membership if the account base number is unknown. Enter a full or partial name, DBA Name, SSN/TIN, Employee ID or Reference number, or the last four digits of the member's credit card and use Enter to search for a list of matching accounts. Select the name in the list and use Enter or Select to continue to the Closed Account Type screen.

Use the back up arrow to return to the previous screen and search for an existing member.



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