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CLR Path Decision Model Results


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Access this screen by selecting the Action Code "CLR Path Decision Model - View," when only one decisions exists.  You also access this screen if multiple decisions exist and one is selected on the summary screen.

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Overview of Feature

CLR Path (Consumer Lending on Reputation) is a non-FICO approach to lending that uses your unique relationship with your members to help you make underwriting decisions. Pronounced “clear path,” this feature evaluates the strength of your relationship with the member based on what is already in CU*BASE and gives a loan approval recommendation without needing to pull (or pay for) a credit score!  

With CLR Path, you configure templates and assign points for criterium.  These templates can be attached to the loan product configuration on the general information screen to be used during the loan application process or they can be selected via the loan action codes.

Using this Screen

This screen shows the results of the member after being run past the CLR Path template. The passing or failing score is listed.  Use Print to print the results for archiving in ProDOC.

Below are some Answer Book items with answers to some questions you may have about this screen.


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