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Dividend Accruals - Shares, Daily Accruals


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1160 Shares Accruals Dashboard from the CU*BASE home page.

This project is part of the CU*BASE Active Beta program.  Active (live) beta allows us to get software out in the field more quickly by expanding the testing process into a real-world environment, in place of our more typical QC testing process. This means we need your help testing these tools! Your feedback will help us continue to refine and fine-tune the functionality, so let us know what you think! More Online Help information will be added to this screen as the Dashboard evolves. Learn more about the Active Beta program

Analyzing and trending your dividend accrual has never been easier!  Daily accrued dividend reports have been available within CU*BASE for years; however, the information has often been siloed and difficult to analyze.  The Shares Accrual Dashboard takes your daily accrual report to the next level by introducing historical trending, built in analysis, and deeper level of detail providing you with greater insight into your operations and the health of your share portfolio, giving powerful insight into your credit union's daily accrual activity. As dynamic dashboards with real-time results, these replace the once daily printed reports previously used to convey the information, allowing CEOs and data analysts to view specific analyses for specific GLs, branches, dates, and types.

Data for this dashboard was first collected on 1/3/2018.

Functions of This Dashboard

For more information on using these dashboards to your full advantage, contact the Asterisk Intelligence team, ai@cuanswers.com.


Search Criteria

Field Name


Corp ID

Enter the Corp ID.

Dividend accrued between MMDDYYY and MMDDYYY

Enter search dates to generate dividend accrual information for that specific period.

GL Account

Select specific G/L(s) to view (up to 100). The default view of this dashboard is all G/Ls with accrual data available.


Select specific branches to view.

Table Descriptions

Field Name



The calendar date of the accrual.


The day of the week associated with the date. This column is helpful in determining what days of the week see more accrual activity on average.

Accrued Dividend

   Starting Balance

The starting balance of the day in question, for all G/Ls selected.


The amount of dividend accrued for the specific day in question, for all G/Ls selected.

   Ending Balance

The ending balance of the day in question, for all G/Ls selected.

Account Balance

The total balance of the G/L selection at the time of calculation for this dashboard. Note that these figures are in real time, and the G/L total balance can change when a member makes a payment, etc.

Average COF

The average cost of funds. This weighted average rate is the percentage of the costs of paying on the total sum of shares DIVAPLs, within the day selected, for the year.

Annualized Expense

This field lists the calculated expense credit union is expected to pay out in dividends for the year, based on the COF and account balance at this snapshot moment in time.


The number of shares DIVAPLs included in the G/L selection for that date.  


Functions and Buttons

Link Name


Show GL/Day

Select a day and this link to view the various accrual GL entries for the specific day.

Show Dividend Applications

Select an entry and this link to view the specific DIVAPLs associated with each GL in the selection listing that makes up the day's totals.


Export Full List (F9)

Select this function to export the dashboard list to a file in your credit union's QUERYxx library.

Analysis (F16)

Use the built in Analysis feature to review daily average accrued dividends, averages per certificate, and top general ledger accounts by balance, annualized dividend, and yield.  Analyze and trend your interest earnings like never before, brought to you by Asterisk Intelligence.

Data Source (F19)

The Data Sources screen displays the Tables (files) and Columns (fields) that are used to generate the data on the selected dashboard.

Web View (F22)

Launching the Web View dashboard will provide additional tools to subscribers to analyze data that can only be found in Analytics Booth, including more screen real estate to view more data at one time, different filters and graphics, and new ways to understand the data. Non-subscribers will be presented with a splash page.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IDIVASH-05.htm