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Exporting Data


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Access this screen by selecting "Complete dashboard for query or download on the entry Export Account Data screen. or "Export Full List" on selected Dashboard screens.

Enter a filename and press Enter to create the file. The file generated will be stored in QUERYxx, where xx is your 2-character CUID.

With this option, the system gathers all of the data currently being displayed by the analysis tool (including all fields) and creates a database file that can then be manipulated using the CU*BASE Report Builder (Query). All records will be included (not just the ones that are visible on the screen, but the entire list).

For example, if you are using the Money Movement Analysis tool, the database file generated will contain account base and type, member name, status, dividend application/loan category, application type, EOM balance, current balance, and balance difference, exactly as the data appears on the analysis tool itself.

Export Immediately

In some cases, such as when printing a financial report, you will also receive an export immediately check box. Checking this box will open the file download utility which will allow you to copy this file from CU*BASE to your computer for use in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel. See the File Transfers booklet for more information.


See Exporting Account Data for information on exporting to member connect



 Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#PEXPORT-03.htm