Check Disbursement Inquiry

Screen ID:  IGLCUS4C
Screen Title: Credit Union Check Register
Panel ID: 5280
Tool Number: 203
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Access this screen by selecting Tool # 203 Check Disbursement Inquiry (Shortcut: chkreg).

Helpful Resources

Printing the Check Register

Learn how to view the check register and complete other tasks related to voiding teller/member checks.

Screen Overview

This is the first of three screens used to view or modify details about checks or money orders issued by the credit union. This first screen is used to view the credit union Check Register, search for specific checks or money orders, and list items in the desired order. For example, if a check was spoiled, and the check number is illegible, this screen can display the check number you will need in order to reprint the check.

There are three different configurations for this screen, each of which shows different fields in a different order on the screen. Use the “View” buttons (or Alt View (F11)) to scroll through the different views.

Sorting / Searching for a Check

  • To sort the list, click on any of the push buttons at the top of the screen (such as “Check No” or “Check Date”). The list will simply be sorted by that column, with the first item shown at the top of the list.

  • To search for an item, first click the appropriate push button to sort the list. For example, if you are searching for a check number, click the “Check No” button to sort the list. Then move to the field next to the button and type the text, number or amount you wish to find. (For text fields such as the Payee field, a partial word can be entered.) Then click the Go! button located next to that field (or use F17) to sort the list and display that item at the top.

Viewing/Working With Check Records

  • To view details about a check without changing anything, select it in the list and click Display (5) or press Enter to proceed to an inquiry-only version of the check detail screen.

Column Descriptions

Field Name


Corp ID

This column shows the corporation number used when the check was created (usually 01). Click the lookup button images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif (or press F4-Window while in this field) to see a list of your credit union's configured codes.


The code in this column indicates the status of the check or money order:

O = Outstanding

C = Cleared

S = Spoil

P = Stop Payment

V = Void

Check #

This column shows the check number used on the printed check/money order.


The date the check/money order was generated.

SEE ALSO: Check Date vs. Issue Date


The full amount of the check/money order.

Member Account
Acct Type

The member account base and suffix, if any, against which the check/money order was issued. (If an account base is shown but the Acct Type column is empty, the base share account -000 was used.)

  • Applies only to member checks. Click here for a discussion of different check types created by CU*BASE.

  • NOTE:  If all 9's are populated in this field, this indicates that this is a National shared branch transaction where no Social Security number was passed.

G/L Acct

The G/L account number which was debited when this check/money order was cut.


The payee name entered when the check was created.

Bank ID

The bank code on which the check/money order was drawn.