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About This Tool


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Access this screen when clicking the Information button next to a tool on the Home Page or by selecting a tool and then "About this Tool" on the Employee Security Dashboard.

Check out the video related to this topic: The CU*BASE Tool Information Window (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Learn more about using the Favorite Toolset feature

Screen Overview

This is your home central for information about the selected tool!  Use this screen to find out important information about the tool including the system-assigned tool number, a longer description of what you can do with the tool, the tool shortcut (if one exists), how the tool is classified (categories and types), and the program used to access the tool (helpful if you need Client Service assistance).

From the Home Page

To access this window from the Home Page by clicking the Information button next to a tool.  From this access point you have a few additional options.

Use this screen to learn more about the tool and your assignments to it.  Included in this version of the screen is also the favorite tool you may have assigned to this tool, the ability to add the tool to your My Favorite Tools toolset using the "Save as Favorite" button (or remove from this toolset using the "Remove from Favorite" button.  This version of the screen also shows if you have full access or view-only access.  (If you only have view access, you will not be able to make changes using this tool.)

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