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All My Tools, My Favorite Tools, Recommended Tools, All Available Tools


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This window appears after you enter your employee ID and password on the Welcome window.  This serves as the home page access for all tools.  

Check out the video related to this topic: Touring the CU*BASE Home Page

What's New in the latest CU*BASE Release!

Check out the "What's New" Page

Helpful Resources

Learn how to activate ProDOC Auto-Launch.

Learn how to activate Auto-Security.

Learn how to mark a tool as a favorite.

Learn how to set your Favorites as the default toolset.

Index for this Topic

Introduction to this Screen * Tips for Searching * Select Your Toolset and See Only the Tools You Want to See

Activate ProDOC Auto-Launch and Auto-Security * Select Your Favorite Tools and Make Your Own Favorites Listing

Learn About Tools Right from the Home Page * Screen Overview * Additional Learning Resources

Introduction to Screen

Welcome to the CU*BASE Home Page!  Your access point for all the tools in CU*BASE.  From this screen you can search for a tool, change your toolset, activate ProDOC auto-launch and auto-security, select favorite tools and make a favorite listing, learn more about a tool, and more!  Use the handy Index section at the top of the screen to advance to the section you are interested in learning more about.

The tool you see on this page match your employee ID.  To view tools you have security clearance assigned to you, be sure to login with your employee ID.

Tips for Searching

Check out the video related to this topic: Watch this video to learn how to find tools in CU*BASE.

From this entry screen you will find a faster and intuitive search engine.  All the search and filter features are there – right when you log into CU*BASE.

This search mechanism is not exactly like the popularity-based Google search, but rather a more consistent tool with hard-coded key words to assist you with finding just what you need.  

Select Your Toolset and See Only the Tools You Want to See

Check out the video related to this topic: Watch this video to learn about toolset controls on the CU*BASE Home Page

The tools listed on your Home Page will change based on the button you select in the upper right hand side of the screen.

  • Want to see your custom list of tools?  Select My Favorite Tools.

  • Interested in seeing just the tools you have access to?  Make sure that All My Tools is selected.  This is the default at your first login.

  • The Recommended Tools feature gives you suggestions on what tools you might want to use based on your job description.

  • Interested in learning more?  Select All Available Tools to see a list all tools available (minus a few we use for maintenance of the system.  If the tool name is shaded grey, this means the tool is not assigned to you.

Activate ProDOC Auto-Launch and Auto-Security

You can elect to activate the settings for ProDOC and auto security to launch at login.  This required you to set up the Preferences configuration one time only.  These settings are attached to your employee ID so these selections will follow you wherever you go so regardless of the computer you log into, your CU*BASE experience will be the same.

To access the Preferences screen, click the large orange Preferences star  in the top bar of the CU*BASE Home Page.

If you set up the Preferences screen to activate auto security and ProDOC to launch at login, after you enter your employee ID on the Welcome window, the auto security confirmation window will appear.  Then auto security will be set up and you will not need to enter you employee ID and password to access tools from the Home Page.

Auto Security Indicator and Activate Auto-Security from the Home Page

You can also activate auto security by clicking the pencil button at the bottom of the screen.  This will show the screen where you can enter your employee ID and password followed by the activation confirmation.  You can also click this button to turn off auto security.  (Remember it is a best practice for new users to log off completely and log back into CU*BASE so that their assigned tools appear in the listing.)  This area also indicates the status of auto security.

Select your Favorite Tools and Make your Own Custom Listing

Check out the video related to this topic: Watch this video to learn about CU*BASE Favorites and Tool Numbers

Visit Show Me the Steps for helpful directions on marking a tool as a favorite

Visit Show Me the Steps for helpful directions on setting Favorites as default toolset

Learn more about using the Favorite Toolset feature

The My Favorite Tools version of the Home Page is designed with you in mind!

To make a tool a favorite click the Star icon to the right of the tool . A window will appear allowing you to give it your own tool number.  To see your customized tool list, click on the My Favorite Tools button.  

Learn More About the Tools Right From the Home Page

Check out the video related to this topic: Watch this video to learn about the Tool Info window

On the Home Page you can click on the Information button next to any tool to learn more about it on the Tool Info window.  This can be especially handy if you don’t have access to a tool yet but want to learn more about it.  The Tool Info window includes a short description of the tool, the permanent tool number, and much, much more.  Be sure to check out this handy resource!

Screen Overview

Tool Area

List item


Tool #

Each tool is assigned a static system-generated tool number.  You can also find this button on the Tool Info window.  


Each tool has a title.  This as well as keywords assigned to the tool are searched when a word, part of a word, or phrase is entered in the Search for field (see below).


Many tools have shortcuts assigned to them.  If you enter the shortcut in the Shortcut field and use Enter, you will advance to this tool.

Information button (i button)

Not sure what a tool does? Click this button.  The Tool Info window will appear listing what you can do if you select this tool and other tool-related information.

Favorite button (star)

Use this tool a lot?  Click this star to set a tool as a favorite a tool so it appears in the My Favorite Tools toolset.  A white star indicates that the tool is not set as a favorite.  A filled in star indicates this tool has been set as a favorite.

Learn more about using the Favorite Toolset feature

Searching Area

Search item


Tool #

Enter the tool number in this field and use Enter to advance to this tool.


Enter a shortcut to advance to the tool assigned this shortcut.  

  • NOTE: You may also enter the short menu names previously used (prior to the 17.03 March 2017) release to view menu options that were on that menu.  

Search for

Enter a word or words in this field and use Enter.  This will filter the tools in your listing to show only tools with this word. partial word, or word phrase in the tool Title or any keywords assigned to the tool.

  • NOTE: It does not matter which order you enter words in the Search for field. CU*BASE will search for combinations in any order.

Exact match

Check this box to only search for combinations of the words entered in the "Search for" field (see above) in the order they are entered.

Search long description

A long description of the tool appears on the Tool Info window.  Enter text in the Search for field, check this box, and use Enter and the search will look for the text in the Title, associated keywords, and long description.

Filtering Tools

Filter item


Use this to filter your list by tool type.  For example, use "reports" to find a listing of all reports.  

(Remember this list will also be dependent on the toolset you have selected.)

Use this to filter your list by category, such as G/L or Auditing.  These group like tools together, similar to the way the menu system did prior to the 17.03 release.

(Remember this list will also be dependent on the toolset you have selected.)

Use this to clear the selections made in the "Search for," "Filter by Type," and "Filter by Category."

Toolset Buttons

These buttons select which toolset (or group of tools) you view on the Home Page.



Interested in setting up your own personal list of tools?  Click this button to access your favorite tools toolset.  These are tools you own list of tools.  This toolset can be set to be the default toolset on the Preferences screen.  Learn more about using the Favorite Toolset feature

Interested in seeing the tools to which you have security clearance assigned?  Click this button to view this toolset.  The default view unless this is changed in the Preferences screen.

Interested in learning about tools related to your position at the credit union?  Click this to see the toolset that presents you with tools you may wish to investigate based on your job description.  Must be configured by your security officer in your Employee Profile.

Interested in seeing all the tools available?  This toolset shows all tools available on the system.  Tools not assigned to you will appear greyed out in the listing.

Top Buttons



To launch the Member Inquiry feature.

7 Keyboard equivalent: F1

Phone Op


To launch the Phone Operator feature.

7 Keyboard equivalent: F2



To display the Configure Workstation Favorites window.

Here you can select to activate auto security, ProDOC auto launch, a custom color, and which toolset to make your default.



Takes you to the Home Page (this page) and clears the search filters.

Loan Quoter


To launch the Loan Quoter feature, to quote terms and payment information on any of your credit union's loan products.

7 Keyboard equivalent: F6

Rate Inquiry


To launch the Rate Inquiry feature, to look up current rates on credit union Share, Certificate and Loan products.

7 Keyboard equivalent: F7



To log out of CU*BASE and return to the main signon screen.

7 Keyboard equivalent: F10

Side Middle Buttons

To right buttons (These graphics are not static, but instead change)

Takes you to different resources and websites, depending on the release.

Access the Follow-ups screen to see your outstanding follow-ups.

Bottom Toolbar


The bottom toolbar contains a set of buttons used while working with CU*BASE. On the left are standard navigation buttons that can be used to move through various buttons and features:



To return to the menu or screen previously viewed.



If an entry was made in the Menu Option or Sequence fields in the lower-left corner of the screen, click here to proceed.

7 Keyboard equivalent: Enter



To return to the menu or previous program.



To display the CU*BASE Time-Out Window, used to view printer spool files and output queues, work with printer writers, view CU*Spy reports, etc.

7 Keyboard equivalent: Esc



To print a screenshot of the current screen to the printer.

7 Keyboard equivalent: Ctrl + P

CU*TIP: You can also print the screen by right clicking on the blue bar listing your credit union name at the top of screen.

Network Links

This button displays a list of tools available for credit unions that are available on the network. See below for additional details.

Learn More About This Feature


Select to access the Online Help topic for the screen



To display the option to select either Help for this topic, the online help table of contents, Show Me the Steps, the What's New topic or information about the workstation.

Ask the AnswerBook


Displays the CU*Answers AnswerBook, where you can look up answers to frequently-asked questions, as well as submit a question of your own for prompt response. On some menus, the AnswerBook will automatically display answers to questions that relate to that menu.

SEE ALSO: Using the CU*Answers AnswerBook

Top Left Menu Options


Secondary location for the user to select to print the current screen.


Includes edit option, such as to Cut, Copy, and Paste.


Use this menu option to select from frequently used programs and tools: Calculator, Calendar, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Time-Out, and CU*BASE Preferences.


To display the option to select either Help for this topic, the online help table of contents, Show Me the Steps, or the What's New topic.

Network Links


  • Ask a Question - Access the Answer Book to read knowledge base items and ask questions to Client Services Representative

  • Check on Client Services Incidents - Access the Answer Book to check on the status of your incidents with them

  • Check on Network Services Incidents - Access Latitude to check on the status of your incidents with them

  • GOLD Update Support - Access download instructions and files for updating your CU*BASE GOLD workstations.

  • Monitor Projects in the Queue- View the status of project requests submitted to CU*Answers by your credit union or other credit union partners.

  • Who Should I Contact? - View a listing of leaders at CU*Answers with their titles


  • Accounting Website - Access the Accounting website

  • CU*Answers Online University - Access online education courses; includes CU*BASE training as well as many other member service courses such as Teller School, Loan Officer School, etc.

  • CU*BASE Alerts! - Access a special page of up-to-the-minute alerts about software issues, unforeseen system problems, and status on solutions.

  • News & Updates – Access the Client News & Updates page on the CU*Answers website.

  • Reference Library – Access the CU*BASE Reference page

  • Show Me the Steps – Access a help system with step-by-step directions on how to use CU*BASE.

  • What's New? - View a list of changes in the latest software release, as well as an archive of changes from previous releases.


  • CU*Answers Website - Display the CU*Answers Web Site. Use this link to take a CU*Answers University online course or view the current education catalog, to open a topical reference booklet, check the latest hot topic on the Client Service support page, and more.

  • Experian Authentication Services - No longer used.

  • It’s Me 247 Online Banking - Access the online banking system. Use this link to help introduce members to how online banking features will work on their own computers.

  • Network Services Website

  • Submit an Idea - Use the Idea Form to submit a specific program modification or enhancement request.

  • Submit to Show Me the Steps – Submit your step-by-step directions to be included in the CU*BASE help system

  •  Xtendcu.com – Access the Xtend website

  • Xtend Shared Branching - Access the Xtend Shared Branch Reference Material page

  • Your Credit Union's Web Site - Access your credit union's own web page.

A Glimpse Into the Past...

Additional resources from the previous menu system.

Cross-Reference Guide: Old Menu Option to New Tool # (Excel Worksheet)

Online Help Topic: Old CU*BASE Menus

Cross-Reference Guide: MNXXX to Category (PDF)

Cross-Reference Guide: Recommended Tools Assignments by Job Classification

Additional Video Resources

Get to know CU*BASE even better by checking out these videos below!

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