Configuring Preferences

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Manage Preferences


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Access this screen by selecting the "Preferences" button on the Home Page.

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Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for helpful directions on activating ProDOC Auto-Launch

Visit Show Me the Steps for helpful directions on activating Auto-Security

Visit Show Me the Steps for helpful directions on setting Favorites as default toolset

Setting Up Preferences

When done making changes, use Enter to save the changes..



Activate auto security when logging in

If you like auto-security but keep forgetting to activate it each morning, this option is for you. Check this box and CU*BASE will automatically prompt you activate auto-security every time after you enter your employee ID and password on the Welcome screen.

  • NOTE: After checking this box and using Enter, you may immediately be asked to activate auto-security for the current session.

Launch ProDOC when logging in

If you use ProDOC daily and don't want to log in manually every day, this option is for you!  Check this box and you will automatically be logged into ProDOC when you log into CU*BASE.

  • The user/password is also used for idocVAULT.  It is important to set your own password for this username in case you need to manually log into either software.

  • If your user does not exist, one will be automatically created for you and you will be given a default set of permissions.  Additional permissions can be assigned by your Imaging System Administrator.

  • If you want to manually log in and to set your password/view your username, go to the time out window and click My Document Image Vault.  Then click Admin to set a password for your username.  IMPORTANT:  Make note of your username as well.  If you do not do this step, your password will not be known to you.

  • This feature is not available to credit unions with in house imaging vaults that are not Imaging Solutions Release Managed clients.

  • What do I do if I have a workstation that does not have ProDOC installed?  

Tools to show when logging in

By default the "All My Tools" toolset is presented when you enter the Home Page.  To change this so the "My Favorite Tools" toolset is presented first, select "My Favorites."

Or to change it back, select "All my tools."

Color theme

Use the lookup to select a different theme to replace the Classic Blue with a different background and button coloring on all CU*BASE screens.

  • This theme will not refresh until you have exited the Preferences screen.

Current Color Theme Options:

  • Classic Blue (this is the default CU*BASE standard)

  • Classic Blue 3D (this is the CU*BASE "old" default standard, prior to the 18.07 CU*BASE Release)

  • Clean Linen

  • Deep Winter

  • High Contrast

  • Key Lime

  • Northern Lights

  • Reflecting Pool

  • Tickled Pink

  • Twilight

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