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Update Employee Security


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #327: CU*BASE Employee Security (Shortcut: security) (maintenance) and Tool #951: View Employee Security Settings/Maint (inquiry).

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on assigning a tool or multiple tools to an employee

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on assigning a tool to multiple employees

Is there a way to quickly remove all the employees from a particular tool?

Is there an easy way to remove all tool assignments from an employee at the same time?

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This is the first screen used when setting up employee security. This screen displays all of the current employee profiles and template IDs configured for your credit union.  These are active employee IDs or templates only; use View Archived IDs to see IDs and final security settings for former employees that have been moved to the archive.

Reserved Employee IDs: Employee IDs 89 through 99 are reserved for use by internal CU*BASE processes. Please DO NOT use these IDs for any credit union employees.

Features of This Screen

Additional Employee Security Features

Assigning Tools to Employee or Template IDs

Refer to the Helpful Resources section at the top of this topic for step by step directions.

To assign tool(s) to an employee or template ID, enter the ID in the Jump to ID field.  (You may need to use the Show... button in order to display template IDs.)  The ID will appear at the top of the listing.  (Or use the Search for name containing feature to find the employee.) Select the employee and then Assign tools to this employee.  This will take you to the employee version of the Assign Tools to Employees screen where you will assign the tools.

To assign tools to multiple IDs, use the "All Tools Assignments" to move to the credit union version of the Assign Tools to Employees screen, where you will assign the tools.

Self Processing credit unions interested in assigning an Operations Edition command to an employee should refer to this Operation Help topic.  SEE ALSO: Employee Security (booklet)

Search Fields



Jump to ID

Enter an Employee ID and use Enter.  This employee will appear at the top of the listing.

Search for name containing

Enter a name in the field and use Enter.  The list will be filtered to show only employee names containing this name.  For example, enter "John" to return both employees John Smith and Johnny Jones.

Show only job classification

Use this to reveal a screen listing job classifications.  (Job Classifications is used to group employees by job type and controls the tools they see in the Recommended Tool set on the Home Page. This is configured in the Employee Profile screen.)  When you return to this screen, you will only see employees who are given this job classification.




Empl Profile

Use this option to change the employee profile, including name, email address, start date, vault number and other general information.  This is also where an ID can be set up as a template with generic security settings that can then be copied to other IDs.


Use this option to copy the selected profile (either an employee or template ID) to another single profile or to everyone within a certain job category. You'll be able to choose whether to replace or append the settings, and can also choose whether you wish to include special security settings and/or tool assignments as well.


Use this option to delete an ID, archive it (such as when an employee quits), or temporarily lock the ID so it cannot be used (such as during a family leave).  

View Profile

Use this option to view employee profile information without changing anything.

Acct Security

Use this option to change the employee's access to specific member accounts.

SEE ALSO: Member/Employee Type Codes Step by Step

Special Security

Use this option to control access to special CU*BASE tools, including teller override, unposting journal entries, viewing credit reports, etc., when they are accessed from within other CU*BASE functions.

Assign Tools to this Empl

Use this to give access to various CU*BASE tools to this employee ID.

Reset PW

Use this to reset an employee's password.  This can be done if the employee forgets their password, but must also be done if an employee ID was locked temporarily.  The employee will be required to change their password after it is reset. NOTE: This feature cannot be used on a profile that is flagged as a template.




All Tool Assignments (F2)

Use this to access the All Employees view of the Employee Security dashboard.  Use this version of the screen to assign a tool to multiple employees, to see how many employees are assigned a tool (and who they are), and more!

Add Employee (F6)

Use this to move to the Employee Profile screen where you can add a new employee.

CU Options (F9)

Use this to define your credit union's rules about password length and expiration time. Access via the Auding menu required to access this view-only screen.

Data Center Employees (F10)

Use this to view IDs of employees of your data processing vendor who have access to your credit union files in order to provide client support services.

View Maintenance (F11)

Use this to view an online report detailing the security changes made (by a employee or to an employee), including changes to account security, menu security or special security.


Show Templates/Show All IDs/Show Employees

This is a toggle button that alternates between showing only employee IDs (the default view when the screen is first displayed), template IDs, or both. Template IDs will be highlighted in yellow on this screen, and are set up using a flag on the Employee Profile window.

View Archived IDs (F13)

Use this to view the archived employees dashboard showing IDs and security settings that of former employees that have been archived.

Profile Analysis (F15)

Use this to view the Employee Profile Analysis dashboard showing graphs and statistics for all active employees.




Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#USMAST-01.htm