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Update Employee Special Security


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This window appears when you use the Update Special Security option on the first security screen.

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Learn how to change a loan category

Screen Overview

This screen is used to control this employee's access to special CU*BASE features, such as opening and closing accounts, un-posting journal entries, and more, when these features are access from within another CU*BASE feature.

  • For example, the Teller Override feature can be performed from a tool or a shortcut, but it can also be performed with a button accessed within the teller posting screens. Access to the tool and shortcut is controlled using the tool security. Access to the feature via the teller posting screens, however, is controlled from this Special Security screen.

Use Approval Limits (F10) to access the Loan Approval Limits for the Employee ID. This function key is conditionally shown if the Emp ID has “Loan Underwriting” checked on this screen and when Loan Underwriting Limits is activated in the Master Parameter Configuration. Learn more about loan underwriting limits.

When done, use Enter to save changes.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Open accounts

This is no longer used. (Employees who should not open memberships or accounts should not be granted access to the tools that perform those functions.)

Close accounts

Check this box to allow access to closing memberships and accounts. If this is left unchecked, the Close Memberships/Accounts run sequence will not include the following options: Close Accounts, Close Memberships, Redeem Certificates, Post Dividends to a Single Account, and Member Overdraft Protection.

File maintenance

Check this box to allow access to membership file maintenance from within other programs. If this is left unchecked, the following features will not be available when using the Open/Update Memberships/Accts feature to update existing member information: Membership information and Sub-account maintenance.

This flag also controls access to the Name & Address (F14) feature in Inquiry and Phone Operator, used to update a member's name and address information, as well as features in the Online Banking tab, such as Reset Password and Reset Security Questions.

Teller override

Check this box to allow access to the Trans Override button from within teller posting and on the ACH Exceptions screen. It does not restrict access from Tool #585: Perform Member Transaction Override (Shortcut: over).

SEE ALSO: Controlling tool access

Maintenance tier 2

Check this box to allow access to specific fields when performing membership/account information maintenance. If an employee has access to maintenance, this feature can limit which fields can be maintained.

This box must be checked in order to perform maintenance on the following fields:

Shares, Share Draft/Checking, and Tax Share Accounts - Dividend Application, Uncollected Amount, Accrued Dividend, G/L Acct #, Regeneration Starting Date, Secured Balance, Last Accrued Date, 1st Date Negative, Negative Balance Limit / Locked

Certificates - Application, CD type, G/L Account #, Dividend Accrual Date, Dividends Accrued, Dividend Calc. Type, Current Dividend Rate, Last Roll Balance, IRA plan, Allow princ distrib, and Rate bumped x of x times.

Loans and Lines of Credit - Loan Category, G/L Account #, Delq. Fine Group, Scheduled Payment, Next Payment Date, Delq. Fine Amount, Partial Payment, Interest Rate, # of Times Delq., Delq. Fines YTD, % Calc. Date and Next Interest Calc. For LOCs and credit cards, this also controls Next Interest Cal and Delinquent controls.  Credit cards - allows rate maintenance on a loan without a credit card attached in Account Update.

Master Membership Information - Incorrect address, Insider/employee type, Check hold status, Allow shared branch trans, Exclude from dormancy, Proxy ballots, Dividend withholding, Electronic deposit hold group, Certification of SSN, Statement mail group.

Loan underwriting

This box is used to control this employee's ability to mark a loan as approved using CU*BASE Underwriting Codes.

SEE ALSO: Underwriting Codes Configuration

Loan interviewer/ processor

This box is used to control this employee's ability to process loan applications and create loans in CU*BASE. Although this flag is also used by Underwriting Codes, it works independently as well, so any employee that needs to set up loan applications and accounts must have this flag turned on.

SEE ALSO: Underwriting Codes Configuration

Use App check

Check this box to activate the "App Check" feature for this employee.  

The name says it all! App Check simply gives the application a “final check” so you can be sure your loan officer doesn't forget to get everything needed to complete the application.

Because App Check is activated at the employee level, you can use this as a training tool, and implement it only with your new lending officers. Once activated, when these new officers select Save (F10) on any loan application screen, CU*BASE reviews the application and alerts them which data is missing on the new Loan App Check Results screen.

SEE ALSO:  App Check configuration.

Time cards

Check this box to authorize time card supervisory override in the time card functions.

Open loans

This is no longer used. Use the Loan Interviewer/Processor box instead.

Unpost J/E

This box used in the Unpost Journal Entry processing as the second level security check. Check this box only for employees that are authorized to validate an unpost.

Phone Operator

Check this box to allow access to the Phone Operator feature (F2 from the CU*BASE home page).

Require wrap-up codes

This box works in conjunction with selection of "Flagged IDs only" for the "Show to" and the Phone operator wrap up" selection in Teller Member Workflow Controls.  

If "Flagged IDs only"  is selected for "Show To," only employees with this box checked will be required to use the  Phone Operator Wrap Up code feature be required to enter the codes.

View credit reports

Check this box to allow access to archived credit reports (stored in CU*Spy) via the loan account inquiry Delinquency window, Additional Signers Detail inquiry screens, the Write-off/Charge-off Dashboard, the New/Closed/All Accounts dashboard, the New/Closed/All Memberships dashboard, and the Net Relationship dashboard.

Instant card issue

Check this box to allow an employee successfully enter their employee ID and password on the Instant Issue Employee Security screen to create a new plastic via the Instant Issue software.  (This CU*BASE security is in addition to Employee Security controls via the CardWizard software, that are also required.)  Employees who do not have permissions correctly configured will receive messaging explaining on the Instant Issue Employee Security screen that they are not authorized. 

  • Learn more about Instant Issue in the ATM/Debit User Guide. (A PDF will open when you click on this link.)