Closing Accounts and Memberships (Run Sequence)

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Close Account Processing


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #22: Close Memberships/Accounts (Shortcut: close).

The Close Memberships/Accounts tool was designed to give a user easy access to all of the CU*BASE screens and features needed when ending a relationship with a member. The order in which these tasks are completed, and the availability of specific tasks, is based on a premise comparing software “features” to actual job functions.

“Feature” vs. “Job”

As CU*BASE has evolved, it has been our goal to make the use of the software more streamlined and efficient, always with an employee's job function in mind. Rather than providing each individual feature as a separate tool, requiring an employee to figure out what feature to use next, CU*BASE has been designed to provide a streamlined progression from one feature to the next based on an employee's job.

For example, the CU*BASE Teller Line Posting screens were designed to smoothly flow through the typical job functions of a front-line teller. The loan processing screens were designed similarly to ensure that all vital information is communicated between member and loan officer while a loan is being set up—including cross-selling opportunities.

Likewise, the Close Memberships/Accounts tool was set up to provide a streamlined approach to closing memberships or accounts.

The first screen used when closing memberships or accounts allows you to determine the sequence in which all of the appropriate information is entered into the system. While this sequence can be determined by the individual user, credit unions typically elect to recommend a specific sequence based on an employee's position. In addition, employee security may restrict some job functions to only a few of the available screens. The run sequence can be a valuable way to ensure that all necessary information is gathered from the member by requiring certain screens be displayed in a specific order.

Enter a sequence from 1 to 8 and use Enter to proceed to the first item on the list. After each screen is completed, the next item will appear automatically until all items on the run sequence list have been displayed.

CU*TIP: Use “Close Accounts” if only some of a member's accounts will be closed. Use “Close Memberships” to close all accounts and close the membership at the same time.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Close Accounts

To close a single account.

Close Memberships

To close an entire membership, including all accounts under the same base account number.

Redeem Certificates

To redeem a certificate of deposit (CD).

Post Dividends to a Single Account

To pay dividends earned by a specific account number and suffix, not a membership. This can be used when a member wishes a dividend to be paid on demand, as well as when an account is being closed.

Update Master Information

Allows changes to all member information, including alternate address.

Update Account Information

Allows adjustments to account information.

Teller Processing

To display the first teller processing screen for deposits, withdrawals, inquiries, etc.

Member Overdraft Protection

To modify or remove account numbers used for overdraft protection.