Closing Share Accounts

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Close Other Share Type Accounts



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This screen appears when “Close Accounts” is selected in the Close Account Processing run sequence.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to close a sub-account.

Screen Overview

Use this screen to close an individual account number by suffix. A report can be printed as a record of this procedure, if desired.  (Enter the Printer ID if you wish to change it.) Once the account number and suffix has been entered, use Enter to close the account. The screen is cleared and another account number can be entered. Use the up arrow (F7) when done and all accounts entered will be closed.

Be very careful when using this screen, as there will be no confirmation once the account number has been entered. An account must have a zero balance in order to be closed. If an account has an existing balance, an error message will appear when you attempt to close it.

Report Sample

Following is a sample of the report generated when the Print Report field is set to “Yes”:




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